Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business

Representing Chori’s Core Business Since 1861

Founded as a raw silk wholesaler, Chori has built its business around its core Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business for over 160 years. By drawing on our wealth of expertise and insight, we have developed a strong track record and earned the trust of our customers in the process. The Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business engages in every stage of the textile manufacturing process, from the handling of raw materials (upstream) to the management of textiles and other materials (midstream) and the manufacture and distribution of apparel and other finished products (downstream).

Business Model

We conduct an array of product proposals by drawing on our diverse network of business partners, which we have built over the years in tandem with our long track record. The strength of the Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business lies in its ability to collaborate throughout each stage of the textile manufacturing process, from the procurement of raw materials to weaving, knitting, dyeing, and sewing. Moreover, we also engage in the development of our own original products by taking advantage of our diverse network.

Sustainability of the Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business

Realizing a cleaner, bluer supply chain by weaving together the various individual processes of the textile industry

BLUE CHAIN is a concept unique to Chori that achieves optimal sustainability across the entire supply chain through a versatile combination of sustainability-focused initiatives carried out along each stage of the textile industry chain, from upstream to downstream (from silk to fabric to the final product).

Chori’s Selection of BLUE CHAIN Products/Brand

Textile Division

Fiber Raw Materials Dept.

Chori supplies materials made of recycled plastic bottles to both Japan and overseas, centered on Europe, the U.S., and the ASEAN region, and develops its own original yarn. By drawing on our expertise in optimal global procurement through the use of our overseas network, we will market recycled products for use in materials and apparel as a part of our vast business growth.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products

Automotive Materials and Fabrics Dept.

In the Automotive Materials and Fabrics Department, Chori sells polyester yarn, particularly the kinds used in materials for car seats, as well as handling fabrics used on car seats and other products. We boast a market share of over 40% in Japan for the raw materials we handle and over 30% for fabrics. Harnessing these strengths, Chori is expanding its business aggressively overseas. Going forward, we will team up with the world’s major players to develop a solid global network and provide raw materials and fabrics that clearly separate us from the competition.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Raw materials used in automotive and other product materials and automotive interiors
    • Polyester yarn and fabrics used on the car seats of Toyota Aqua, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Voxy, Toyota Camry, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Crown, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Prius PHV, Honda Fit, Honda N Series, Honda Freed, Honda Accord, Honda Step WGN, Nissan X-Trail, Subaru Legacy, Subaru Impreza, Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Swift, Daihatsu Move, and other vehicles

Technical Textiles Dept.

Chori handles a range of materials and products, such as nonwoven fabrics that are soft on the skin and perfect for babies, printed waterproof film that can reproduce high-quality images in a variety of designs, and cleaning wipes made of special raw cotton that are highly effective against tough-to-remove stains. We are also in the development stages of moisture-permeable and waterproof sheets, which will be mass produced and offer a combination of durability, thermal insulation, antifungal properties, sound insulation and absorption, and other high-performance features that have been cultivated in the market for construction materials. We will work to maintain a high reputation for safety throughout Asia and remain highly committed to helping promote our customers’ sales worldwide.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Hygienic and lifestyle-related materials, construction materials, and automotive interior materials
    • Nonwoven fabrics and film materials used in diapers, wet wipes, and face masks
    • Original equipment manufacturer products, including high-performance wet wipes and various linen products for the living room
    • Raw cotton, raw yarn, and fabric used in high-performance products
    • Moisture-permeable and waterproof sheets and boards that combine thermal insulation, sound insulation, and absorption features

Textile-Fabric Dept.

Chori’s high-quality, high-performance materials made in Japan and its fabrics developed at production sites in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and other countries are deployed to a variety of markets around the world. We supply fabrics to markets not only in Japan but also in China, South Korea, and other parts of Asia; the Middle East; Europe; and the United States.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Fabric used in casual wear, sportswear, and Middle Eastern garments
    • AIR CONCEPT ultra-lightweight, super-thin fabrics
    • VERITANERO black material
    • Traditional garments worn in the Middle East
    • ZAMZA highly moisture-permeable and waterproof fabric used in sports apparel (used by adidas , Marmot, and other apparel manufacturers)

Career Apparel & Workwear Dept.

Outside of Japan, Chori is expanding its business of designing and manufacturing uniforms, which are expected to be highly functional in a range of work settings. For our high-value-added products utilizing environment-friendly and functional materials, we have established production lines in Japan, China, and the ASEAN region. Moreover, with Japan and China serving as the hub, our men’s suits and clothing materials are being procured and sold in the most suitable locations.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Suits, uniforms, and lab coats
    • Lab coats and other uniforms for hospitals, nursing homes, and food service facilities
    • Workwear and school uniforms
    • Suits, jackets, pants, coats, and shirts
    • Linings, interlinings, and durable, odor-eliminating cotton material

Apparel Dept.

Chori has developed an OEM*1 business for major SPAs*2 and leading apparel brands. We handle all types of fashion apparel and are developing a global supply chain management business that integrates each process of the supply chain, from planning and proposals to production and distribution. We always provide high-quality products by assessing both retail and e-commerce markets on a monthly basis. Through cooperation with the Synthetic Fiber Business Department, we are also directing our attention to the commercialization of sustainable products.
*1 Original equipment manufacturer
*2 Specialty store retailers of private label apparel

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Men’s apparel, ladies’ apparel, and unisex apparel

Performance Apparel Dept.

Chori handles highly fashionable and functional sportswear and outdoor clothing, centered on golf apparel and athletic wear. By harnessing the strengths of our global supply chain, we continue to build a strong collaborative framework with our clients. Moreover, we also engage in the sale of materials and products to inner apparel manufacturers as well as the sale of yoga clothing and loungewear.

Examples of Chori’s Key Products
  • Sportswear, fitness wear, golf wear, and innerwear


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