Chori at a Glance

Making your dreams come true

As a member of the global community, we will take pride in fairness and integrity, continue to provide services that ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, and contribute to the betterment of society.
Remaining true to our corporate slogan, “Making your dreams come true,” we will continue to fulfill the needs and expectations of all stakeholders while expanding our business and achieving sustainable growth.

Chori by the Numbers

Chori’s Platform for Growth

Consolidated employees*1
Business sites*2

FY03/2024 Financial Results (consolidated)

Net sales
billion yen
Net profit before income taxes
billion yen
Total assets
billion yen
(Net profit*3 basis)
Trade ratio
  1. *1As of March 31, 2024
  2. *2As of June 18, 2024
  3. *3Net profit attributable to owners of parent

A Track Record of Over 160 Years

Since its founding in 1861, Chori has continued to create value with its stakeholders.
We have grown as an organization through times of both success and hardship and will continue to evolve in the years ahead.



Founded in the Nishijin District of Kyoto, Japan

After being founded as a raw silk wholesaler, Chori began handling rayon yarn in 1926. The rayon market drew very little interest at the time, so we began making frequent visits to weavers to spur more interest in rayon yarn. This spurred an expansion of the rayon market as we continued to enhance the quality of rayon yarn. In 1937, we became a major yarn trader in the silk yarn industry, handling around 30% of silk yarns produced in Japan and establishing our foundation as a specialized trading company in textiles. The name “Chori” originates from the combination of the Japanese characters “蝶” (cho), derived from the image of a moth creating raw silk, and “理” (ri), stemming from the first name of Chori’s first president, Riichiro Ohashi.

A period of growth

1948 - 1975

Handling of synthetic resin, chemical products, and various types of machinery

In 1956, Chori began handling chemicals and various types of machinery, expanding these businesses alongside its textile business. In 1961, we were designated as one of the first friendly trading companies by China. Furthermore, in the 1970s, the Company tapped into lifestyle-related industries, such as food, clothing, real estate, and leisure, and improved its performance by diversifying its operations.

A period of setbacks

1975 - 2003

Selection and concentration of businesses due to significant losses

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 1992, Chori recorded its highest figures for net sales in the amount of \755.5 billion but posted significant losses in the finance and real estate businesses. In the wake of these losses, we restructured our organization by reassessing the lifestyle-related business and concentrating on our core businesses.

A period of
breakthrough results

2003 - 2020

Four consecutive years of record-high ordinary profit

In 2005, we established CHORI (CHINA) CO., LTD., the first Japanese trading company subsidiary with the rights to sell and trade in China. In fiscal 2019, our ordinary income reached \8.7 billion, posting a record-high for the fourth year in a row. We also expanded the scope of social contribution activities, such as through our participation in the lithium compound production project in Chile.

Transitioning to our new
stage of consistently
delivering ordinary income
of ¥10.0 billion or more

Chori celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2021.
Chori was founded in 1861 as a raw silk wholesaler on the eve of the new Meiji Era and has always remained in step with the times, actively expanding its business while addressing the needs of society.

Since its founding, Chori has continued to expand its business by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the rapidly changing business environment and will continue to enhance its corporate value toward the achievement of sustainable growth and development.

Please refer to the “History” section of our website for a closer look at how Chori has evolved over the years.

Chori’s Strengths

Strength 1

Unique Global Network

Unique Product Procurement Routes and Trading Know-How

In 1949, when civilian trade resumed after World War II, Chori moved full steam ahead with the recommencement of its overseas expansion, increasing the number of business sites around the world. We have developed an extensive global network centered on China and other Asian countries that spans the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Across this long-cultivated network, Chori has relentlessly strengthened its expertise and competitiveness in a variety of markets. In addition, our trading know-how, a competitive strength that has been cultivated throughout our history, has greatly contributed to the expansion of our overseas sales, as overseas transactions now account for roughly 70% of our total net sales.

Strength 2

Human Resources

Timely Responses to Customer Needs by Our Knowledgeable Experts

Chori’s employees in the Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business, the Chemicals Business, and the Machinery Business acquire expert knowledge by overseeing the same line of business for long periods of time. This knowledge covers a wide range of areas, including product quality, manufacturing know-how, and the technical capabilities of suppliers. The fact that we can rely on our extensive expertise to identify market needs and propose new solutions to customers is a strength of Chori. In addition to our individual strengths, we stand united as an organization by working in tandem and sharing information with our business sites across the globe, addressing the various needs of our customers.

Strength 3


Our Extensive Track Record and Unparalleled Relationships Built over 160 Years

Throughout its years in business, Chori has built solid relationships with prominent suppliers all over the world. Our ties with China have been particularly strong over the years, as we were designated as one of the first friendly trading companies by the government of China in 1961, prior to the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. Moreover, in 2005, Chori was established as the first Japanese trading company subsidiary with the rights to sell and trade in China. Chori has built a formidable supply chain in the country through the extensive ties it has developed to date and continues to expand its operations in China as hub for the production, procurement, and domestic sales activities of the Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business and for exports to third-party markets in the Chemicals and Machinery businesses.