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Realizing a cleaner, bluer supply chain by weaving together the various individual processes of the textile industry

BLUE CHAIN is a concept unique to Chori that achieves optimal sustainability across the entire supply chain through a versatile combination of sustainability-focused initiatives carried out along each stage of the textile industry chain, from upstream to downstream (from silk to fabric to the final product).

A sustainable society would not be possible simply by achieving sustainability on an individual level

Individual actions→Interconnect

View sustainability from an overall perspective = Achieve optimal sustainability across the entire supply chain

Environmental Issues Associated with the Textile Industry

Amount of water used in apparel industry
Approx. 93 trillion liters per year
Amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated from apparel industry
Approx. 2.1 billion tons per year

A truckload of clothing is incinerated or disposed of in landfills every second around the world

How BLUE CHAIN can contribute to a sustainable textile industry

The apparel industry emits approximately 2.1 billion tons of greenhouse gases per year, around 80% of which are generated from production processes. At the same time, it is the source of water, waste, and other issues. We must remind ourselves that the process for producing the clothes we put on with a smile on our faces has a significant impact on the environment. A significant amount of resources and energy are required to make one piece of clothing. We must change our way of thinking so that wearing such clothes is not taken for granted.

What can we do to ensure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy fashion?

BLUE CHAIN rapidly strengthens relationships between companies by interconnecting the textile industry’s extensive and complex supply chain. It combines the functions and technologies of each company to provide additional value to sustainable products. BLUE CHAIN also enables our business to make the most of economies of scale through partnerships with a number of companies and thereby reduce the costs associated with decarbonization measures. Through BLUE CHAIN, Chori will help transform the industry with its business partners.

Means for contributing to a sustainable textile industry

Combining of the functions and technologies of
partner companies
Economic rationality
Economies of scale
and technological

Chori will achieve economies of scale and accelerate technological innovation through its affiliations with partner companies.

BLUE CHAIN is more than just clothes.

Fiber waste inevitably generated is recycled into sound-absorbing mats and mats for riverbeds

Recycling of Fiber Waste

Chori will strive toward the realization of a cleaner, bluer supply chain and a sustainable textile business.

A sustainable supply chain that weaves together the textile industry Our partner companies that help promote the ECO BLUE™ No. of partner companies 137

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