A Global Supply Chain Tailored to Enhancing Productivity

Chori has developed strong partnerships with major synthetic fiber manufacturers in Asia and other parts of the world and boasts a lineup that covers an extensive range of genres, from standard yarns to differentiated functional yarns. Utilizing our global network of local subsidiaries around the world, we ensure strict quality control through close cooperation between our manufacturers and the managers of our production sites. By combining and fully capitalizing on the sophisticated technologies of partner manufacturers, we produce functional yarns that differentiate us from our competitors.

ECO BLUE™ Initiatives

Addressing Needs Using ECO BLUE™ for a Wide Selection of Products

ECO BLUE™ can be used for a wide selection of products, including long- and short-fiber cotton. Its strength lies in its ability to be combined with Chori’s unique high-performance materials that are generated through a global production network to produce yarn that offers value in addition to recycling. Therefore, ECO BLUE™ facilitates the development and proposal of unique materials that cater to various needs.

Promoting Greater Reuse of Plastic Bottles in Japan through ECO BLUE™

Each year, approximately 21.7 billion plastic bottles are used in Japan and this number continues to rise. The discarded plastic bottles are collected and recycled into new plastic bottles; however, most of them are either incinerated or transported overseas. Under the ECO BLUE™ initiative, plastic bottles discarded in Japan are recycled into polyester yarn to offer new value.

Sophisticated Recycled Materials Generated from In-House Facilities

In 2019, Chori formed a partnership with Utsumi Recycle Systems Inc., a leading company in the field of plastic bottle recycling, and established its own recycling plant in Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture. At this plant, discarded plastic bottles that have been crushed and cleaned are converted into fiber raw materials (pellets). Approved for safety by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this state-of-the-art facility produces high-quality raw materials that are safe to use in plastic beverage bottles and food trays, in addition to pellets. It boasts the capacity to recycle nearly one billion plastic bottles (around 20,000 tons) per year.

Chori’s Ability to Interconnect Each Stage of the Production Process

In the textile industry, production processes are disconnected much like points on a dotted line. Chori will create new value by weaving together, in a chain-like manner, the companies that have a countless number of exceptional technologies at their disposal, comprising each stage of the production process. This is the thinking behind our BLUE CHAIN™ concept.


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