ECO BLUE is a recycled polyester yarn made from used plastic bottles. It represents Chori’s approach to creating new value through discarded plastic bottles by incorporating its various ideas and technologies. We believe that our ongoing efforts in this area will make a difference in tomorrow’s society. ECO BLUE will advance together with all of society in protecting our planet.

Continue to evolve the business since 2007

In addition to engaging in all areas of the supply chain, from the handling of yarn to the sale of the finished product, in 2019 Chori partnered with recycled pellet manufacturer Utsumi Recycle Systems Inc. to tap into the pellet business―an upstream recycling process―and established its very own recycling facility.

Achieved an approximate 77% reduction in CO2 emissions

Producing yarn from plastic bottles reduces CO2 emissions from the raw material production process by up to 77% compared with the same amount of yarn made from petroleum (based on in-house estimates).

Reductions in CO2 emissions from one ton of raw material produced

520 million plastic bottles recycled per year

Under the ECO BLUE initiative, approximately 520 million plastic bottles are recycled each year to produce plastic pellets and yarn. Through this initiative, which will have a profound impact on the future of our society, Chori will play a major role in reducing plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Total number of plastic bottles recycled to produce yarn in fiscal 2021*1
(20 grams of yarn produced from one plastic bottle)
Number of t-shirts that could be made
(Assuming one t-shirt is made from 150 grams of yarn)
  1. *1 In-house estimate based on fiscal 2021 results


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