Machinery Business

Expanding Operations by Leveraging Our Long-Cultivated
Know-How in Trade and Distinctive Trade Routes
Chori is expanding the operations of Chori Machinery Co., Ltd., a trading company specializing in transportation equipment that was spun off in April 2017.

Transportation Equipment

Chori Machinery engages in exports and intermediary transactions of transportation equipment, such as four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, and trucks, as well as agricultural machinery and construction machinery, with Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the ASEAN region.
Through our investment in a Mexican automotive assembly manufacturer, we have been participating in a project since February 2017 in which automobiles of Chinese automakers are assembled through semi-knocked-down production and sold in Mexico. Going forward, we will continue to draw on our long-cultivated know-how in international trade, distinctive trade routes, and other strengths to further expand our business.

Core Initiatives of the Machinery Business

Semi-Knocked-Down Production in Mexico

In semi-knocked-down production, automobile parts and components are transported to the country of destination, where they are assembled and the automobile is completed. It differs from completely knocked-down production in that the frame, engine, powertrain, and other main components have already been assembled by the time they are transported overseas. Semi-knocked-down production offers a variety of economic benefits, such as job creation as well as tax benefits for the country of destination.
As a result, more employment opportunities are available for local residents in not only assembly processes but also at sales agencies and for after-sales services.

Enhancement of Our Presence in Italy and Other Parts of Europe

Chori Machinery has established a partnership with a company based in Italy to develop businesses in the country and other parts of Europe, including Spain, France, and Belgium. The stylish and environment-friendly vehicles developed by Chori’s business partner have been well received by the younger generation and the local markets and continue to increase in sales.
This joint initiative began with the establishment of our presence in Italy, a market on the scale of 1.6 million units. Since then, in addition to expanding our business in Europe, we have continued to form partnerships with other companies to examine new business opportunities in Asia and Central and South America.


About Machinery Business