Chemicals Business

Developing a Proprietary Business Model That Caters to Unique Materials, Fields, and Markets
Recognizing the potential of petrochemicals, Chori entered the chemicals business in 1956. Since then, we have accumulated a track record spanning over 60 years in the Chemicals Business. We have continued to take advantage of our global network, not only in terms of procurement and sales within China but also through exports and intermediary transactions with the Middle East and other regions. Through these efforts, coupled with our ability to meet the needs of our clients for niche products, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors and enhanced our market presence.

Business Model

Key Business Fields Electronics, battery, and semiconductor materials and nonferrous metals Healthcare Food material Green business Digital integration

Taking advantage of its highly specialized employees, Chori develops and supplies products based on a market-in approach. We respond to customer needs through our extensive lineup of highperformance materials.

Sustainability of the Chemicals Business

Lithium compound production project in Chile

The evaporation method commonly used to extract lithium components from brine water was associated with concerns over its significant environmental impact. In contrast, Chori has been participating in a project to produce lithium compounds through the use of a new method that enables only lithium components to be extracted from brine water, thereby maintaining the water volume of salt flats. Compared with our conventional approach, this new extraction method contributes to significant reductions in production time, and because it does not hinge on weather conditions, the production volume can be adjusted in line with market conditions.
Through such means, Chori will address the needs of the lithium-ion battery market, which we anticipate will expand even more going forward.

Biodegradable Resin

Chori has recently been expanding our lineup of biodegradable resin, a raw material used in seed sheets. Seed sheets serve as a means to prevent the evaporation of soil moisture and are used for weed and pest control. As they are made of biodegradable resin, they eventually decompose into water and carbon dioxide. Accordingly, they eliminate the need for disposing waste while reducing the use of plastic, and because the seed sheets do not need to be collected, they help enhance agricultural productivity.
We are also working to enhance our lineup of biodegradable resin derived from plants such as cassava and taro, which we are utilizing as raw material for garbage and shopping bags due to the soft texture they generate.

Promotion of the Use of New Protein Sources

With the global population projected to reach approximately 10 billion by 2050, there are concerns over the potential imbalance between supply and demand for protein sources such as beef and pork. Chori has been focusing on soybeans, wheat, and green peas as a source of ingredients; procuring ingredients of the highest quality and safety that comply with the Non-GMO Project Standard from overseas; and supplying these ingredients to food processing companies in Japan. We are also working to promote the use of sunflower protein, cricket powder, and other new sources of protein throughout the Group. In addition, through our measures to prevent deforestation for livestock and reduce the use of water and crops, we strive to help realize a greener and more enriched global environment.

Chemicals Division

Performance Chemicals Dept.

Chori engages in export and import activities primarily for resin materials, cosmetic ingredients, and paint materials. In light of the increase in environmental awareness around the world, we are strengthening our measures in growth markets through efforts such as improvements to our lineups of recycled products and various types of environmental materials, including bio-based materials, in a bid to realize carbon neutrality.

Key Products
  • Urethane materials
  • Coatings, inks, and adhesives
  • Resins and compounds
  • Cosmetics and personal care materials
  • Environment-related products

Inorganic Fine Materials Dept.

Riding the wave of the growing market for flat-panel displays (FPDs) used in flat-screen TVs and PCs, Chori established a joint venture with a local manufacturer in China to manufacture glass substrate materials for use in FPDs, which are being supplied to glass manufacturers around the world.

Key Products
  • Lithium-ion battery-related materials and battery raw materials
  • Glass and ceramic raw materials
  • Agriculture-related materials and fertilizer-related raw materials
  • Functional inorganic chemical materials
  • Functional metal materials

Industrial Chemicals Dept.

Chori engages in the stable import and sale of refined phosphoric acid materials as a distributor for a major manufacturer in China. These materials are used to produce secondary phosphate, and Chori owns storage tanks in Japan dedicated to food-grade refined phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid is used in a wide range of applications, including materials for surface treatment agents used in car paint sealers, food preservatives, and the palm oil refining process.

Key Products
  • Raw materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Raw materials for ceramic capacitors
  • Refined phosphoric acid and phosphate
  • Resin raw materials and resin additives (talc, glass fibers)
  • Aluminum raw materials for heat exchangers

Fine Chemicals Dept.

On the strength of its supply network spanning across the globe, Chori handles the raw materials that function as active ingredients primarily for generic drugs. Our subsidiary CHORI Analysis & Technology Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has put in place a system in which its team of experts conduct product analyses and provide technical support. In addition, we have joined forces with WuXi AppTec of China for the rollout of our outsourcing business in research and production in an effort to provide support for drug discovery.

Key Products
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates
  • Agrochemical ingredients and intermediates
  • Functional intermediates

Life Science Dept.

Chori imports and sells calcium propionate, sodium bicarbonate, and other feedstuff materials to compound feed producers and farmers. We also handle a variety of other products, including functional materials that ensure the health of livestock. By leveraging its long-cultivated know-how and years of experience, Chori has built a supply chain that strictly adheres to good manufacturing practices and other quality assurance standards, through which it continues to provide high-value-added products.

Key Products
  • Food chemicals
  • Feedstuff materials and additives
  • Healthcare products and ingredients for supplements and health foods
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Medical equipment


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