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This section provides an overview of Chori's history, strengths, and growth strategies to enable individual investors to gain a better understanding of its business.

What kind of company is Chori?

Chori is a specialized trading company engaged in the fibers, textiles, and garments, chemicals, machinery businesses.

Chori was founded as a raw silk wholesaler in Kyoto in 1861, near the end of the Edo Period. The name “Chori” originates from the combination of the Japanese characters “蝶” (cho), derived from the image of a moth creating raw silk, and “理” (ri), stemming from the first name of Chori’s first president, Riichiro Ohashi.
Chori also tapped into the market for chemicals, machinery and other products in 1956. Since then, we have been proactive in our efforts to grow our business by always keeping in step with the times and addressing the needs of society for over 160 years.

Business Introduction

Chori has been developing its business in a number of fields and regions centered on its Fibers, Textiles, and Garments, Chemicals, and Machinery businesses.

Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business

Representing Chori’s Core Business Since 1861

Founded as a raw silk wholesaler, Chori has built its business around its core Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business for over 160 years. By drawing on our wealth of expertise and insight, we have developed a strong track record and earned the trust of our customers in the process. The Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business engages in every stage of the textile manufacturing process, from the handling of raw materials (upstream) to the management of textiles and other materials (midstream) and the manufacture and distribution of apparel and other finished products (downstream).

Upstream field
Midstream field
Downstream field
Examples of Chori's Key Products
  • Recycled materials, including pellets, and functional yarn
  • Ladies' Wear and Men's Casual Wear
  • Men's wear and workwear
  • Sportswear and Golf Apparel
  • Sportswear and Innerwear
  • Raw materials and fabrics used in car seats
  • Nonwoven fabrics
  • Construction materials, including waterproof sheets for housing and soundproof and vibration damping materials
  • Fabrics and products used in Middle Eastern garments

Chemicals Business

Developing a Proprietary Business Model That Caters to Unique Materials, Fields, and Markets

Recognizing the potential of petrochemicals, Chori entered the chemicals business in 1956. Since then, we have accumulated a track record spanning over 60 years in the Chemicals Business. We have continued to take advantage of our global network, not only in terms of procurement and sales within China but also through exports and intermediary transactions with the Middle East and other regions.
Through these efforts, coupled with our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors and enhanced our market presence.

Examples of Chori's Key Products
  • Urethane materials
  • Glass Substrate Materials and Functional Materials
  • Lithium Ion Battery Materials
  • Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Biodegradable Plastics
  • Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates
  • Ingredients for health foods and supplements
  • Raw materials for feed and fertilizer and food additives
  • Raw materials for alternative food products, including plant-based foods

Machinery Business

Expanding Operations by Leveraging Our Long-Cultivated Know-How in Trade and Distinctive Trade Routes

Chori is expanding the operations of Chori Machinery Co., Ltd., a trading company specializing in transportation equipment that was spun off in April 2017.

Examples of Chori's Key Products
  • Four-Wheel Vehicles and Two-Wheel Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Materials
  • Marine Equipment

Chori's Strengths

A Global Network That Underlies the Group’s Strengths

Although Chori began developing its global network prior to World War II, when civilian trade resumed in 1949, it set out to aggressively expand its sales channels once again by establishing several business sites and expanding its trading activities. Chori was one of the first companies to begin trading with China and was designated as a friendly trading company by its government. Based on this track record and trust, we have been aggressively expanding our business activities in the growing Chinese market. Chori regards China not only as a hub for manufacturing but also as its most important market and one that serves as a strategic base for offshore trade.

Chori’s business network extends to the ASEAN region, India, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central and South America, and other countries and regions. The global network we have cultivated over many years underlies the strength of our business.

Subsidiary: 18 business sites
Representative office: 12 business sites

Growth Strategy and Potential

Medium-Term Management Plan

We have launched Chori Innovation Plan 2025 (disclosed on April 28, 2023). We will steadily proceed with various measures based on our three basic strategies and leverage our outstanding capabilities and expertise to become a corporate group that constantly evolves and changes on a global scale and achieves increases in corporate value.

Basic Strategy

Promote consolidated management centered on our global business
Develop sustainable businesses that adapt quickly to the changing business environment
Promote ESG management
Chori’s History

Strategies by Business

Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business
Chemicals Business

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