Basic Dividend Policy

The Company believes that returning profits to shareholders is an important management priority. Accordingly, the Company has adopted a basic policy of distributing dividends twice a year, specifically an interim and a year-end dividend. From the standpoint of continuous and stable return of profits and ensuring stable management and financial affairs, the Company implements performance-based dividends according to the level of net profit attributable to owners of parent.
The amount of dividends is set at a level consistent with a consolidated dividend payout ratio of at least 30% (annually) based on net profit attributable to owners of parent, and a dividend on equity (DOE) ratio of 3.5% or more. In determining the amount of dividends, the Company considers a comprehensive range of factors including the management environment, while remaining mindful of the importance of securing the investment funds needed to develop business.

Dividend Information

  FY03/2021 FY03/2022 FY03/2023 FY03/2024 FY03/2025 (forecast)
Interim (yen) 14 42 50 58 61
Fiscal year end (yen) 23 42 55 60 61
Annual (yen) 37 84 105 118 122

Dividends and Dividend Payout Ratio