Supply Chain

At Chori, we strive to develop a supply chain that ensures the stable supply of raw materials and products that are of consistently high quality and deemed essential by customers.

CSR-Based Procurement

Operational Rules Regarding CSR-Based Procurement
In order to fulfill its social responsibilities for procurement activities in Japan and overseas, Chori has established its CSR Procurement Guidelines and promotes procurement activities that underline the importance of corporate ethics, legal compliance, safety, disaster prevention, environmental protection, product safety, quality assurance, human rights, and working conditions. Within these guidelines, the Company has prescribed its 11 Guidelines for Corporate Behavior in order to ensure that employees are fully aware of its social mission and the ways in which they must act at all times.
CSR-Based Procurement Surveys
In an effort to promote procurement activities that focus on corporate ethics, legal compliance, safety, disaster prevention, environmental protection, product safety, quality assurance, human rights, and working conditions, Chori conducts a CSR-based procurement survey once every two years, in principle, to periodically check the status of the CSR-based promotion activities of each supplier. In fiscal 2022, a follow-up survey was conducted with suppliers that did not meet the CSR procurement standards in fiscal 2021. By working collectively with the sales departments, we identified the specific reasons for not meeting these standards and urged these suppliers to make the necessary improvements. As a result, all but one supplier taking part in the survey met the CSR procurement standards. We will continue to follow up with the one remaining supplier to ensure that it meets the standards.

Security Trade Control

With the objective of maintaining peace and security around the world, Chori has formulated its Internal Regulations on Compliance with Export-Related Regulations and Regulations on Fair Reporting and Management of Imports and Exports. We undertake strict export controls to prevent countries in possession of weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons from getting access to the highly sophisticated equipment and technology of developed countries.

Export Control Process and Training

Once applications for list control and catch-all control are filed by Chori’s Sales Department, the Corporate Management Department conducts final approval. In October 2020, we began implementing a system that integrates the management of information on export products and transactions, ensuring rigorous security trade control and stronger compliance measures. This system is also designed to improve work efficiency and eliminate the use of paper. In addition, Chori encourages its employees to obtain the STC Associate certificate and holds internal workshops and training sessions to enhance their understanding of export control. In fiscal 2022, 27 employees acquired the STC Associate certificate.

Product Safety Initiatives

In accordance with product safety management regulations, Chori establishes a product safety inspection committee whenever a product is launched, sold, or used externally for the first time.