Diversity and Work-life Balance

Creation of a Comfortable Workplace Environment

We regard people as our most valuable management resource, and for that reason it is essential that we provide employees with workplace environments that allow them to work in a healthy and active manner. We conduct the following initiatives with this in mind, particularly with the aim of providing employees with a healthy work–life balance.

Eliminate Long Work Hours

  • In principle, designate one day of the week as a no-overtime day
  • Require all staff to leave their workplace by 9 p.m. every day
  • Restrict the number of overtime hours
  • Automate work processes with robotic process automation
  • Improve the efficiency of meetings

Encourage Employees to Take Annual Paid Leave

  • Require use of annual paid leave (five days)
  • Encourage employees to take seasonal holidays
  • Eliminate restrictions on the number of times half-day leave can be taken for the purpose of childcare, nursing care, or hospital visits

Promote Flexible Workstyles

  • Improve flextime system (no core hours)
  • Utilize work-at-home system and web-conferencing system
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings between employees and their superiors
  • Provide option to relocate to other locations (transfer to other branches domestically and regionally

Supporting the Balance of Work Life and Childcare

An increasing number of employees who have returned from childcare leave are utilizing the shortened work-hour system for childcare to balance their work and family life. Also, as a part of our employee benefit program, we have a variety of support systems in place that provide employees with financial assistance for childbirth, self-development, and childcare.

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave* 13
(9 of whom are male)
(9 of whom are male)
(6 of whom are male)
Number of Employees Working Shorter Hours Due to Childcare 9 12 14

* Number of employees who began taking childcare leave in each fiscal year

The Cafeteria-style System

Chori’s Cafeteria-style system enables employees to select options from a diverse “menu” determined by the Company. Employees are free to choose options from the menu that best suit their lifestyles.

Example options

For parents
Childcare option
For employees who rent, reside in company housing, or reside in single room occupancy housing
Housing support option
For employees wishing to advance their career
Self-development option
For employees who are unsure about how to use points
Employee shareholding association
For employees who are concerned about their health
Health option
For employees who are caring for a parent
Caregiving option
For employees and trainees stationed overseas
Option for employees stationed overseas
For employees considering future asset building
Subsidy for individual-type defined Contribution Plan

In addition, the Company offers a full range of other benefits, including dormitories for single employees, use of company housing, an employees’ savings scheme, support for self-development and qualification acquisition, congratulatory and condolence money, and an employee shareholding association.

Chori Health Insurance Society

The Chori Health Insurance Society provides medical benefits in the event of illness or injury, as well as allowances and benefits in the case of leave of absence, childbirth, and other such events.
In addition, health checkups and health promotion events are conducted to proactively prevent illness and support the improvement of health.
The Company offers generous support at a lower insurance premium rate than the national average.

Support provided by the Chori Health Insurance Society

  • No out-of-pocket costs for use of in-house health clinics at the Tokyo and Osaka head offices
  • Assistance with sports club fees (Konami Sports Club, Renaissance)
  • Comprehensive health checkups
  • Partial reimbursement in the event of injury or illness
  • Additional sickness benefits for long-term absence from work due to injury, illness, or other such matters

Recruiting Diverse Human Resources

As a part of its action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Chori established the goal of raising the percentage of women among new graduates to 20% between fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2022. Going forward, Chori will strive to continue to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, which includes creating an environment where women can maximize their potential and employing people with disabilities.

Number of New Graduates
Ratio of People with Disabilities

Data Related to Work–Life Balance

Monthly Overtime Work
Use of Annual Paid Leave