Health and Productivity Management Promotion Structure

Under the Chori Health Declaration, the Company has established a Health Promotion Committee chaired by the deputy general manager of the Corporate Planning Division (in charge of the Human Resources & General Affairs Department) to maintain and improve the health of employees. Furthermore, the Human Resources & General Affairs Department, in-house health clinics, Chori Health Insurance Society, and Chori Labor Union are working together on various activities to promote health and productivity management.
The Health Promotion Committee analyzes the results of employees’ medical checkups and lifestyle habits of Chori Group employees, identifies health issues, and implements activities using a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle every year.

The Health Promotion Committee’s PDCA Cycle

  • Plan

    Set targets for the year and plan various measures to achieve them

  • Do

    Implement various measures

  • Check

    Assess medical checkup results and lifestyle habits and verify effectiveness of the various implemented measures

  • Act

    Consider improvement measures for the following fiscal year