Health Management Strategy Map

The health declaration was issued in February 2018, five years ago. Our medium-term management plan Chori Innovation Plan 2025 clearly defines the ideal of Chori as "Ensure well-being = Be company that provides employees with a rewarding and enjoyable workplace environment."
The Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map identifies the five health issues of Chori in order to realize the well-being, and closely manages progress toward the realization of further health management.

Trends in Target Indicators
Leaving high-risk individuals unattended 0 0 0
Presentism 82% 81% 82%
Work engagement 3.61pt 3.68pt
  1. (Note)
  2. High-risk individuals: Employees with suspected cancer and industrial physicians judge that the risk of serious lifestyle-related diseases is extremely high based on the results of health checkups.
  3. Presentism: Understand by the activity (productivity) index related to the performance, quality, and quantity of work, which is Humanage, Inc. original measure. The national average calculated by Humanage, Inc. is 77.8%.
  4. Work Engagement: Measured for three items of engagement status (enjoyment, interest and interest, and significance). Calculate the average of the three scores (1 = not at all-5 = well fit).