Our Business

Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business

The Fibers, Textiles, and Garments Business covers an extensive range of fields from raw materials, textiles, and fabrics to apparel and other finished products. We cater to the various needs of our customers through our diverse lineup of yarn while continuing to introduce sustainable products that reflect our commitment to the environment.

Chemicals Business

The Chemicals Business handles a wide number of raw materials used in some of the products we encounter in our daily lives, such as basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, raw materials for capacitors, cosmetic ingredients, and food ingredients. Another defining feature of this business is that, in addition to the procurement and sale of products and materials, it conducts business globally through exports and intermediary transactions.

Machinery Business

The Machinery Business encompasses transportation equipment, such as four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, and trucks, as well as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and a vast array of other products. The business continues to expand on the strength of its global network, such as through local sales of automobiles that are assembled by way of semi-knocked-down production.