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Chori’s Advertisements


We renewed our advertisement to coincide with the release of our medium-term management plan Chori Innovation Plan 2025. Titled “Chori’s employees are the source of its competitiveness,” the advertisement expresses Chori’s passion for the products it handles.


We emphasized the strengths of Chori through its image as a global entity and of a moth creating raw silk.


We have been a sponsor of the Japan Dance Convention since its inaugural event in 2013, where we promote awareness of our social contribution activities.


An advertisement featuring our general managers and directors was recognized for the Special Jury Award at the 31st SENKEN Distribution Advertising Award.

Chori’s brand mascot, Chori-kun

Nov. 29
Chori-kun is a curious and energetic dog. He has a friendly personality and gets along with others easily.
His slightly large nose comes in handy as he is always looking for fun things to do. His hobbies are eating, playing, and sleeping. He eats pretty much anything, but there is nothing he prefers more than Italian. His dream is to visit Italy, the capital of fashion and food.
Chori-kun’s Involvement
Chori-kun was created as a brand mascot to appear on invitations for and at the sites of the CHORI Exhibition. Through public relations (PR) activities at the CHORI Exhibition, Chori-kun gained popularity among the many attendees and grew to represent the Chori brand. He officially became our brand mascot in 2011 when Chori celebrated its 150th anniversary.
Today, Chori-kun plays a prominent role in our PR and social contribution activities as a member of the Chori Group.
Yuka Morii
Sculptor, designer, and collector of sundry goods
Received the Children’s Picture Book Award (3D illustration) at the 30th Kodansha Advertising Award in 2008. Her representative works include the Supermarket Mania series (Kodansha). She has designed book covers, mascot characters, general merchandise, and countless other items

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