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A Specialist Since Day One

A Specialist Since Day One

Chori has a long history as a textile specialist, dating all the way back to the company’s establishment in 1861. Thanks to our unique trading and manufacturing capabilities, underpinned by a high level of expertise, we have a hand in every stage of the textiles process, from start to finish. We make the most of these strengths to provide customer-oriented added value at all times, and to expand our global operations in our own unique way. We are also actively involved in the development of original products and environmentally friendly materials.

Synthetic Fiber Business Dept.

Fiber Raw Materials Dept.

Our department sells polyester and nylon yarn, mainly for high-performance purposes. We have close ties with major international textile manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We are planning to expand our performance fiber and textile operations on a global scale, tying in perfectly with our distinctive performance yarns.

False twist machinery
Example products

・Recycled fiber made from used plastic bottles: ECO BLUE
・Highly stretchable yarn equipped with excellent stretching capabilities and elastic recovery: TEXBRID
・GRQD: Lightweight moisture-permeable waterproof fabric(Used by apparel manufacturers including North Face, Patagonia, and Nike, etc.)

Automotive Materials and Fabrics Dept.

Our department sells polyester yarn, mainly for use in other materials, and deals with fabric, mainly for use in car seats. We already have more than 70% of the domestic market in terms of fibers and over 30% in terms of fabric, and are actively expanding businesses also in other countries by utilizing its strengths. We are building a strong network with key players in the global marketplace and are committed to providing distinctive fibers and fabrics in partnership with auto manufacturers all over the world.

Example products

・Made using Chori fabrics: AQUA, RAV4, VOXY, ALPHARD (TOYOTA), Fit, N Series, FREED, ACCORD, STEP WGN (HONDA), LEGACY, Impreza (FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Ltd.), etc.
・Made using Chori yarn: CROWN, CAMRY, Vitz (TOYOTA), X-Trail, MURANO (NISSAN), WAGON-R, SWIFT (SUZUKI), etc.

Technical Textiles Dept.

The department develops domestic operations involving living linens, with strengths in handling a range of industrial materials consisting primarily of high-performance nonwoven fabrics for construction and hygienic applications, but also encompassing raw cotton through to finished products. Currently, the department is expanding overseas transactions for a diverse array of goods, ranging from raw materials to semi-finished products targeting ASEAN and China, most notably in the fields of hygienic materials, automobiles and civil engineering.

Multi-function nonwoven sheets (moisture-permeable waterproof sheets, etc.)
Example products

・ Multi-function nonwoven sheets (moisture-permeable waterproof sheets, heat reflective sheets, etc.)
・ Raw thread/raw cotton for natural and synthetic fabrics
・ Construction and civil engineering products (cloth, waterproof nonwoven cloth materials, etc.)
・Imported living linen varieties

Textile-Fabric Dept.

Primarily through the dyeing and sewing businesses in Indonesia, we develop business from diverse perspectives to meet market needs from provision of materials to finished goods. In addition, we also handle textiles such as those for sports apparel. We have an active overseas presence, with facilities throughout ASEAN, China and Hong Kong, the Middle East, and the United States enabling us to supply and sell products through diverse channels.

Example products

・AIR CONCEPT: Ultra-lightweight, super-thin fabrics
・VERITANERO: Black material
・Thobe, a traditional garment worn in the Middle East
・ZAMZA: Highly moisture-permeable waterproof fabric for sportswear(Used by apparel manufacturers including Adidas, and Marmot, etc.)

Technical Material & Garments Business Dept.

Technical Fiber Garments Dept.

We handle finished products and clothing materials (backing and interlining cloths) for uniforms, men’s heavy clothing (suits, jackets and coats), golf apparel and athletic wear. By establishing production lines in Japan, China and in the ASEAN region, we are further expanding our high-value-added products that use environmentally friendly materials and functional materials from around the world.

Uniforms that incorporate functionality

Apparel Dept.

In ladies' and men's fashion, our global Supply Chain Management business encompasses planning and proposal of all items, including fabric, knits, and cut and sewn, to manufacturing and distribution.
We continue to propose and develop basic material incorporating trends not only in Japan but Europe and provide high sensitivity and high quality items to customers on the back of our established production bases across Japan, China and the ASEAN region.

20th Textile Trade Exhibition

Intimate Apparel Dept.

We sell basic materials and finished products for men’s and ladies’ innerwear to prominent Japanese inner apparel manufacturers. Leveraging integrated proposal capabilities that cover domestic and foreign-sourced basic materials to finished products, we continue to actively develop and market high-performance materials. We have also been participating in the sale of basic materials to production sites abroad and in joint ventures that undertake innerwear sewing operations overseas in order to strengthen our business in both materials and products.

Ladies’ underwear