Our Business

Opening up a wide range of markets based on a global outlook and dynamic capabilities

We have been supplying chemical products since 1956, when Chori realized the future potential of petrochemicals. Having built up a strong track record over more than 50 years since then, our chemicals and machinery operations now represent our second core business alongside textiles. Utilizing our global network, we are establishing a growing presence across a wide range of sectors.

Chemicals Business

Performance Chemicals Dept.

In this department, Chori mainly engages in exports and intermediary transactions of chemical and petrochemical products to China, ASEAN, Europe and the United States, and the Near and Middle East. Recently, we are particularly focusing on sales of these products within China as well as on the markets in ASEAN countries, Russia, and other countries.Materials handled in this field and their applications include many raw materials that are essential to our lives, such as urethane materials used in shock absorption and insulation materials, adhesives, coating materials, films, and other diverse items. We are also focusing on the sale of raw materials to major synthetic fiber manufacturers and petrochemical manufacturers in Japan. In the field of personal care, we have been aiming to expand our selection of cosmetic raw materials, while also strengthening our efforts with regard to environmental commercial materials, such as biodegradable plastics and materials in the water treatment field.

Performance Chemicals Department

Inorganic Fine Materials Dept.

Chori handles a wide range of high functional inorganic chemical materials, highly functional metal materials, agriculture related materials, and fertilizer related materials, most notably glass substrate raw materials used in flat panel displays and lithium-ion battery materials.Providing these materials not only to China, Korea, and ASEAN countries, Chori is aggressively developing business in Central and South America and Africa.

Flat panel display

Industrial Chemicals Dept.

Chori is developing operations worldwide in raw materials used mainly for aluminum electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors, specifically phosphoric acid, phosphate, plastic raw materials, and raw materials for metallic surface treatment. Along with sales to Japan, ASEAN countries and the United States of products produced in China, Chori handles products from Central and South America and the Middle East. Through investments in manufacturers and joint ventures with overseas companies, we actively take on the challenges presented by new business.

Phosphoric acid storage facility

Fine Chemicals Dept.

As part of our planning and solution services, we import pharmaceutical, agrochemical ingredients and intermediates, and functional organic intermediates, mainly from suppliers in China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, and sell them to the Japanese market.We also market intermediates to the United States, Europe, China and countries around Asia.Elsewhere, we provide research and manufacturing outsourcing business for major Japanese pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturers through a partnership with WuXi AppTec of China. We are also strengthening our support network for such operations, consisting of pharmacists, technical advisors and other specialist staff, as well as the analysis and technical support functions offered by Chori Analysis & Technology Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Outsourced organic intermediate operations

Life Science Dept.

Chori imports proteins, sweeteners and other food chemicals from abroad for sale to Japan 's food products industry. Similarly, we import and sell propionic acid and other feed additives to feed manufacturers, and do the same for basic ingredients with functional properties used in health food and foods products with specified health uses. Furthermore, we provide taurine and an array of other energy drink raw ingredients for sale to Europe and ASEAN countries.

Fermented Asian ginseng extract

Machinery Business

Chori Machinery Co., Ltd.

In addition to transportation equipment such as four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles and trucks, we also work on export and intermediary transactions of machinery such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and industrial equipment, mainly for the Central and South American market, and also for the Middle East, Africa, and ASEAN market.

Agricultural machinery