Our Business

Opening up a wide range of markets based on a global outlook and dynamic capabilities

We have been supplying chemical products since 1956, when Chori realized the future potential of petrochemicals. Having built up a strong track record over more than 50 years since then, our chemicals and machinery operations now represent our second core business alongside textiles. Utilizing our global network, we are establishing a growing presence across a wide range of sectors.

Performance Chemicals Department

Across a broad spectrum of fields ranging from general petrochemical products to high-performance chemical products, the department adds Chori services to products and provides them to markets in Japan and overseas. The department aggressively develops business in six specific areas, namely (1) raw materials and additives for coatings, inks and adhesives, (2) raw materials and additives for resins and synthetic fabrics, (3) films, (4) healthcare, (5) inorganic agents and catalysts, and (6) polyurethane materials.

Performance Chemicals Department

Inorganic Fine Materials Dept

English versions will be disclosed in the middle of May 2017.

Flat panel display

Industrial Chemicals Department

Through business investment in prominent Chinese companies, we jointly develop a host of inorganic chemical raw materials, and sell them from our position as a manufacturer to markets all over the world for use in a wide range of products, including glass panels for flat-screen TVs, lithium-ion and other types of batteries, and electronic components such as capacitors. We also have a framework in place for immediately meeting customer needs in chemicals such as refined phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric acid storage facility

Fine Chemicals Department

As part of our planning and solution services, we import pharmaceutical, agrochemical and functional organic intermediates, mainly from suppliers in China, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, and sell them to the Japanese market. We also market intermediates to the United States, Europe, China and countries around Asia. Elsewhere, we provide drug discovery support services for major Japanese pharmaceutical and agrochemical manufacturers through a partnership with WuXi AppTec of China. We are also strengthening our support network for such operations, consisting of pharmacists, technical advisors and other specialist staff, as well as the analysis and technical support functions offered by Chori Analysis & Technology Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Outsourced organic intermediate operations

Life Science Department

We understand that “food” is not only material directly consumed by humans, but includes feedstuff, which affects the step immediately preceding the production of food. As such, all of our food operations, from feedstuff materials to food materials, are conducted domestically. In parallel, we are focusing on the global expansion of high-quality Japanese food and feedstuff. Furthermore, by utilizing our network as a trading company, we are developing ingredients used in food for specified health purposes and health foods based on information related to traditional healing methods in various countries in order to contribute to the maintaining of health and beauty.

Fermented Asian ginseng extract