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Corporate Governance

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Chori has established systems to ensure appropriate operations in the aim for sound management and sustainable growth. Chori is striving to strengthen corporate governance by complying with laws and social norms, conducting operations efficiently and effectively and ensuring the credibility of our financial reports while positioning the Board of Directors as a strategic decision-making body and operations supervision organ. Moreover, as a company with an audit committee, we established an Audit & Supervisory Committee in which the majority of the members are outside directors.
 In addition, the Company established the Governance Committee as an advisory body to the Board of Directors, comprised of a majority of outside directors, on March 25, 2020.

Strengthening Corporate Governance

Compliance-based Management

1.Compliance system

We have established a Legal Compliance Committee, chaired by the president. The committee deliberates important compliance issues and reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors as necessary. We are also working to strengthen compliance management in such ways as holding group training based on the internal compliance program with an emphasis on legality and efficiency. Moreover, we have established the personal information protection management regulations and administer these thoroughly when handling personal information.

2.Strengthening the internal audit systemm

The Internal Auditing Department and internal audit teams collaborate to audit operations with internal audits of the legality, relevance, efficiency and conceivable management risks in the execution of duties.

3.Enhancing IR activities

We are committed to proactively providing appropriate corporate information as we place great importance on communication with all stakeholders.

Environmentally Conscious Business Operations

We comply with the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems, and both our Tokyo and Osaka headquarters have obtained ISO 14001 certification. We continuously improve our environmental preservation activities.

Strengthening Risk Management

Recognizing the range of potential risks, we strive to prevent risks from occurring and take appropriate action in the event a risk does occur, while working to further improve the quality of our assets.