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Environmental Efforts


Chori engages in continuing improvements to environmental protection activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standards for environmental management systems (both the Tokyo and Osaka head offices have been certified).

ISO14001 certification was renewed on January 1, 2016.

Natural Dye the colors from nature

Although clothing dyed using natural, vegetable dyes have been drawing attention for many years, there have been many issues associated with it, such as it being vulnerable to sweat and light, changing in color when washed, and the inability to industrialize it - manufacturing only one piece at a time by hand.

Chori, in cooperation with our subsidiary Chori MODA Co., Ltd. which undertakes product planning, and CIHON TEC CO., LTD. a dye processing venture company, have improved vegetable dyeing to create Natural Dye, a new natural dyeing method that achieves superb fastness. This has allowed us to industrialize natural vegetable dyeing.

Natural Dye products that Chori handles take natural colorings from plants, vegetables, fruits, and residues (used coffee grounds, etc.) and colors textiles by adhering the dyes to textiles using substances derived naturally and small quantities of synthetic dyes. Approximately 2,300 types of colors can be expressed and significant features of this technology are the ability to dye not only natural materials but also synthetic textiles as well, and to add a certain degree of robustness.

In 2009, Chori introduced the Vegetable Natural Dye series, which utilized imperfect vegetables. Clothing and yarn dyed using natural pigments extracted from various vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, and others attracted attention in the market as ecological products.

In 2012, through a collaboration with Shikibo Ltd, a cotton-spinning company, Chori announced the Natural Dye COOL, made using contact cooling sensation materials, and the TOP Natural dye, with characteristic unique mixed colors, which are dyed while still in its cotton form.

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