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Human Resources Policy

Ⅰ.Human Resources Vision

 Chori aims to “Utilize people, and be useful to them. Nurture people, and
 develop with them. Connect people, and join together with them.”

II. Personnel We Seek

  • 1.Always act responsibly as a member of Chori and keep the company charter close to their heart

     They take pride in being a member of the Chori Group and always fulfil their responsibilities in society and toward the environment. They observe the laws and rules, and also act fairly, sincerely and with a sense of morality.
  • 2.Have a spirit of independence

     They are independent and continuously make an effort to create a better life and career for themselves, without being constrained by past and existing facts or fearing change.
  • 3.Constantly work hard and come up with creative ideas as results-focused professionals

     They understand their own mission and demonstrate passion and strong willpower to achieve their goals. They are professionals that constantly work hard and come up with creative ideas, and focus greatly on achieving results.
  • 4.Expect the best, and prepare for the worst

     They accurately understand the flow of things and carefully prepare for any risks, while being able to boldly and swiftly act on any chances that arise.
  • 5.Respect the values and cultures of people from around the world

     They acknowledge and respect the various values and cultures of people from around the world, and are able to politely and cheerfully communicate with them.

III. Chori Group Human Resources Management Policies

  • 1.We position “people” as the most valuable management resource.

  • 2.We position “Personnel We Seek” as the Chori employee code of conduct and the basis of our human resources policies for the recruitment, training, transfer and evaluation, etc., of employees.

  • 3.We implement all Chori human resources policies based on the four principles of respecting individuality, ensuring equal opportunity, practicing a performance-based system, and being fair and square.

  • 4.We respect the basic human rights of each employee, and do not tolerate any behavior that harms people through unjust discrimination based on nationality, race, religion, gender, age, disability or for any other reasons, or any form of harassment or other such harmful actions.

  • 5.We provide each employee with opportunities to maximize their full potential and skills, and offer support to develop a career that will enrich their life.

  • 6.We look after the health and safety of all employees and provide a pleasant working environment.