About Us

Corporate Philosophy

I. Corporate Philosophy

As members of the global community, we will work for the betterment of society.
We take pride in being fair and sincere, and in continuing to offer superb service in order to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

II. Corporate Slogan

(We are) Making your dreams come true

III. Management Policy

  • 1. We aim to transform the Chori Group into a constantly evolving company of exceptional competence and expertise.
  • 2. With customer satisfaction our highest priority, we will create a solid management foundation, capable of withstanding economic fluctuations, in order to realize growth that is both profitable and sustainable.
  • 3. We propose new ideas, maximizing our creativity, and developing new business domains toward achieving self-reliant, autonomous management.
  • 4. We believe in sound business and trust, not quick profits and speculative dealing.
  • 5. We foster goal-oriented, self-motivated, thinking personnel who thrive on friendly rivalry to demonstrate comprehensive strengths and capabilities, achieve consistent personal growth, and advance through the organization.
  • 6. We constantly review our businesses, hone our sensitivity to risks, and move quickly to invest management resources into growth fields, in the drive for continuous reform of our business structure.
  • 7. We remain committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities, such as compliance and environmental preservation, and to maintaining close relationships with stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Our management policy is designed to create a more energized enterprise, the Dynamic Chori Group.